The digital footprint of the general public has grown exponentially in both scale and complexity over the last decade. Previously, vast swathes of data were collected from devices in a ‘Digital Strip-search’ of witnesses, survivors and victims. When they would get their devices back was uncertain, as expected turnarounds were protracted or even unknown. It was, therefore, a natural evolution for witnesses and victims to become reluctant to report and hand over their devices to law enforcement. The knock-on effect was that cases that could have had a successful prosecution were not reported, dismissed or never even went to trial.

As a result, Dame Vera Baird, The Victims Commissioner for England and Wales, highlighted that law enforcement should perform more direct and targeted searches without inherent time delays and unnecessary intrusion. Consequently, a need for a zero first responder has emerged, along with grassroots training, a reliable hardware platform, and a suitable software solution.

BLD is committed to providing law enforcement agencies with solutions. Our EVOLVE platform delivers essential information and guidance in an accessible, engaging, on-demand format that grabs users. It enables law enforcement to get out of the classroom and back on the front line, engaging with the public they serve.


Zero First Response Guides

BLD has designed the format to give users targeted, current information – from device descriptions to evidential opportunities and risk – they can use when first responding to a variety of incidents.


Evolve doesn’t just stop at providing the tool. Larger modules on digital policing topics provide users with an opportunity to develop their investigative skill set. Topics include cryptocurrency and communications data.

Seizure Guidance

The platform has tailored decision-making workflows, enabling users to make their way through a series of key considerations, using expert knowledge, to inform decision making step by step.

Rapid Updates

An agile update system makes it possible for us to make changes or load new information which is instantly pushed to all devices.

Managed Service

The EVOLVE team can handle all user onboarding and communications to reduce the impact on organisation resources.


EVOLVE Content


BLD designed EVOLVE with zero first responders in mind. A simple yet intuitive flow eliminates the barriers generated by overly complex menus and search systems.

EVOLVE Workflow


Targeted and appropriately relatable content and search functionality ensure users are not overwhelmed by excessive data, enabling them to utilise proactive and reactive methods.

EVOLVE Catalogue


The application efficiently and effectively delivers key information and learning to users through a user-centric design that engages users at all turns. BLD understands users need the right information at the right time.

EVOLVE Live Chat


Electronic media is a non-stop evolving area with new devices emerging every day. Updated content can be downloaded in minutes, meaning you can provide your officers and staff with the latest information and updates as they need them.

BLD is committed to Client Management and will work tirelessly with you to deliver the bespoke, impactful service you define. We support clients, users and ICT departments alike during any EVOLVE deployment and will be here to answer any questions. Post-deployment, we provide key performance data so you can understand how your app is working for you.