Blue Lights Digital Ltd.
Complaints Policy

Date: 7 May 2024


Blue Lights Digital Ltd. (“the Company” also referred to as BLD) is committed to ensuring that all staff members, apprentices, and external partners have the opportunity to raise concerns in a fair, open, and respectful manner. We believe in maintaining a high-quality working and learning environment and welcome feedback as a valuable tool for continuous improvement. This policy is intended to ensure that any complaints are addressed promptly and equitably.


This policy applies to all Blue Lights Digital staff and apprentices throughout their respective employment and training periods. It also applies to individuals or organisations affected by our operations and training activities. Complaints may include (but are not limited to):

  • Workplace environment or conditions
  • Training and educational programs
  • Treatment by other staff members, trainers, or apprentices
  • Discrimination, harassment, or bullying
  • Violations of Blue Lights Digital policies or applicable laws
  • Administrative procedures or decisions



The following principles underpin this policy:

  1. Confidentiality: Complaints will be handled in a confidential manner to the extent possible, consistent with a thorough investigation and the Company’s legal obligations.
  2. Fairness: All complaints will be dealt with in a fair and unbiased manner.
  3. Prompt Resolution: We aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible while ensuring a comprehensive review.
  4. No Retaliation: Individuals who file complaints in good faith will not face retaliation or adverse consequences.
  5. Transparency: The complaints procedure will be clearly communicated, and outcomes will be documented.


Complaints Procedure
Informal Resolution

We encourage the resolution of issues informally wherever possible:

  1. Discuss the concern directly with the relevant party if you feel comfortable doing so.
  2. If unresolved or not feasible, raise the matter with a supervisor, manager, or the Training Coordinator.
  3. Supervisors or managers should attempt to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably.


Formal Complaints Process

If the informal resolution is not possible or the complaint is of a more serious nature:

Submission: Submit a written complaint via email or letter to the COO or Training Coordinator. Include:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • Details of the complaint (what happened, when, where, who was involved).
  • Any evidence or supporting documentation.
  • Desired resolution or outcome.

Apprentices (not employed by BLD) should submit a written complaint to the training coordinator in the first instance for matters pertaining to their apprenticeship training. Escalation beyond this point within BLD, is to the Apprenticeship Service Support on 08000150600 or email

Acknowledgment: You will receive written acknowledgment of your complaint within five working days of receipt.


  • An impartial investigator (usually a member of the SLT or a designated manager) will be assigned.
  • The investigator will interview relevant parties and review evidence.
  • You may be asked for additional information.


  • A report will be compiled and reviewed by a senior manager.
  • You will receive a written response outlining the findings and any corrective actions within 20 working days of the complaint acknowledgment.


If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the formal investigation:

  1. Submit a written appeal to the COO within 10 working days of receiving the outcome.
  2. The COO will review the complaint and the investigation process.
  3. A final decision will be communicated in writing within 15 working days.


Record Keeping and Monitoring

  • BLD will keep accurate records of all complaints, investigations, and outcomes.
  • Complaints will be monitored periodically to identify trends and inform improvement initiatives.


Support and Resources

  • The Company will provide appropriate support to individuals involved in the complaints process.
  • Staff and apprentices are encouraged to utilise mental health resources and employee assistance programs.


Review of the Policy

This policy will be reviewed annually or sooner if significant changes are required. Feedback from staff and apprentices is welcomed to ensure the policy remains relevant and effective.


Contact Information

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