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ODYSSEY is a focused digital acquisition capability for on scene deployment and real time mobile device examination. Investigators and digital forensic specialists managing RASSO investigations and other cases where data is required on scene from a compliant victim/witness device, ODYSSEY allows for date and application specific data to be obtained, while ensuring victims and witnesses private lives remain private.

Benefits of ODYSSEY include:

  • Victims and witnesses not being without their device, they maintain control
  • Only relevant data is downloaded, reducing data volumes for disclosure and storage
  • Fewer devices are submitted into a digital forensic unit

Unlike any other software, Medex reveals information that is not present in the metadata of a digital video file. With this additional intelligence, investigators are answering new questions about video and identifying additional crimes and perpetrators in previously impossible ways.

Medex enables investigators to authenticate citizen-submitted videos, rapidly identify CSAM production, triage videos from mobile device extractions and expedite actionable intelligence, identify deepfake videos, detect tampering or modification of digital videos, identify a video’s provenance including origination camera make/model and any editing software or platform.

We are excited to announce a longstanding trans-Atlantic partnership with Common Caches, focusing on the secure storage and sharing of critical information for enterprise, law enforcement, and national security stakeholders.

Among the initial products and services built on their c2share product, we offer innovative solutions for the management of Open Source Information (OSINF). This includes the ability to deduplicate and ensure the integrity of OSINF through seamless third-party API interoperability.

c2share is a digital evidence management application configured to support file-sharing and tip line use cases.


Cryptocurrency gives criminals new ways to evade detection. Our partner, Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis company, provides compliance and investigation software to the world’s leading banks, businesses, and governments. Their software helps investigators identify and stop bad actors who use cryptocurrencies for illicit activity such as money laundering, terrorist financing, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and more. As experts in financial crime and economic analysis, they empower customers to derive insights they can act on. Subscribe to the Chainalysis newsletter to find data-driven content on cryptocurrency markets, regulation, and developments.

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. But criminals also exploit it to communicate, organize and commit crimes. Reliance on technology leaves behind “digital footprints” and a mountain of data that can contain incriminating evidence.

As a partner of Cellebrite, BLD provides the tools, training, and support to implement an end-to-end Digital Intelligence strategy. Investigators can now access, manage and analyse forensically sound digital evidence, and effectively break down the silos across departments to close more cases.

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BLD is an Authorised Partner of ADF Solutions. All ADF products are built on the same intelligent forensic search engine and are designed with rapid scan capabilities. ADF tools focus on automation and ease of use for deployment to both field investigators and lab examiners. The focus is collecting forensic artefacts fast, which is why ADF has been both a pioneer and leader in forensic triage and automated investigations for 15+ years.


Covering the end-to-end intelligence process, Fivecast ONYX, their Open Sourse Intelligence platform, is a completely scalable solution, with the power to seamlessly and rapidly increase vision of your targets, without needing more skilled staff to carry the load.

Targeted, automated and obfuscated collection of data in real-time across a broad range of online platforms is combined with a customisable and AI-enabled risk assessment framework that automates complex intelligence analysis.