BLD is a leading investigation and intelligence capacity building company. We provide capacity building and support for complex international investigations, assisting law enforcement, intelligence agencies and militaries to grow their digital investigation and intelligence capability with bespoke platforms, products and services. Providing world-class capability-building expertise, we enable our clients to develop and strengthen skills, abilities, processes and resources that are required for them to survive, adapt and thrive. We operate within the digital investigation, intelligence and communications data arenas and routinely work with UK Law Enforcement and military partners.


BLD can provide an end-to-end service to:

•   assist clients to understand their capacity building needs using our Discovery consultancy services to provide tailored assessments

•   help design technological improvements and training requirements to ensure successful implementation

•   provide continuous reporting to demonstrate progress, working with clients to refine implementation to maximise the benefits.

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BLD Training

In 2020, BLD worked closely with the Home Office Communications Capabilities Unit (CCU) to identify ways to deliver training during the COVID-19 pandemic. BLD has designed, hosted, delivered and facilitated virtual training sessions and briefings for CCU via a secure platform to law enforcement and investigative specialists. We adapted the delivery of essential training for the law enforcement community to ensure it was suitable for virtual delivery and to date have trained over 2500 delegates through this medium during the lockdown.


BLD recognises that to meet the everchanging face of digital and cybercrime, specialists and support resources need to be accessible immediately and these specialists need to continually craft their skills in line with new policies, operating procedures and systems ensuring they meet their organisations needs as well as international standards. BLD provides relevant and current digital investigation and intelligence training across law enforcement, including the Metropolitan Police and National Crime Agency. Our courses enable participants to gain and maintain knowledge and skills around legislation, emerging techniques, technology, products and tactics ensuring they are equipped to fully and lawfully exploit digital opportunities in support of investigations and intelligence gathering operations. Due to our expertise within the digital investigation and intelligence arenas, we were selected to be the learning partner for the Home Office National Law Enforcement Data Programme and the International Communication Data and Digital Forensics Programme.

We also provide investigative support and training. We have provided UK police forces, including Counter-Terrorism, Homicide and Professional Standards with technical investigative services during periods of high demand, assisting with sensitive case files discreetly. We reviewed the requested work with our clients to identify the priorities, timescales and practicalities, providing expert advice and additional options to meet time and budget constraints.


BLD is passionate about the work they do and the clients they work with. We strive to make a difference to the law enforcement, military and investigative communities we serve, working closely with a range of international partners to bring the best in digital forensic technology to the communities. In line with ICO guidance regarding digital evidence collection, we provide tools that enable investigators to “travel within space and time” to the specific data required, providing the ability to examine data from a single scene, enabling investigators to pin-point data extracts, reduce extraction time and critically prevents victims experiencing that “digital strip search”.


If you are looking for an innovative, bespoke solution to your issue, BLD is the team for you!

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