Compassionate Policing, truly victim led

A focused digital acquisition capability for on scene deployment and real time device examination.

Time Slice

  • Investigators set specific date and time parameters for ODYSSEY to search devices for data. Multi-format reports are produced to support the investigation and present into the Criminal Justice System.
  • Data extracted can be limited to only what is evidentially relevant to the investigation being carried out. The victim will not feel their data privacy is violated by a system that is there to support them.
  • Selective extraction is possible for Android and iOS, making it universally compatible with millions of devices.
  • Victims and witnesses can control and see what data is downloaded from their devices and maintain privacy.

The Aims

ODYSSEY was designed to provide a forensically robust process for extraction of time-specific data from Smart devices, for the majority of incidents requiring a law enforcement response.

This programme of works has been designed to complement and support investigation, with that critical golden hour evidential data capture.

Any data visible on a device can be extracted through ODYSSEY.


This programme of works has been designed to be delivered with you as a journey. ODYSSEY can be deployed across an organisation or bespoke for specialist high performing teams.

The programme includes training, designed in such a way as to not require large scale abstraction. Through blended learning methodologies, an operator can quickly and effectively garner the skills required to enable the paradigm shift in the way victim data is obtained, processed, and managed.


  • Time critical digital evidence obtained at the earliest opportunity.
  • Investigator confidence increased in digital capability to acquire data.
  • Assured training and CPD as part of the programme.

C&G City & Guilds Assured

The programme ensures competency and
capability where it is needed most, at
that first point of contact. With City and
Guilds Assured training and a
comprehensive support package,
ODYSSEY delivers Compassionate Policing, truly victim led.