Blue Lights Digital is a leading investigation and intelligence capacity building company. We provide capacity building and support for complex international investigations, assisting law enforcement, intelligence agencies and militaries to grow their digital investigation and intelligence capability with bespoke platforms, products and services. Providing world-class capability-building expertise, we enable our clients to develop and strengthen skills, abilities, processes and resources that are required for them to survive, adapt and thrive. We operate within the digital investigation, intelligence and communications data arenas and routinely work with UK Law Enforcement and military partners.


Blue Lights Digital can provide an end-to-end service to:

•   assist clients to understand their capacity building needs using our Discovery consultancy services to provide tailored assessments

•   help design technological improvements and training requirements to ensure successful implementation

•   provide continuous reporting to demonstrate progress, working with clients to refine implementation to maximise the benefits.

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BLD Training

In 2020, Blue Lights Digital worked closely with the Home Office Communications Capabilities Unit (CCU) to identify ways to deliver training during the COVID-19 pandemic. Blue Lights Digital has designed, hosted, delivered and facilitated virtual training sessions and briefings for CCU via a secure platform to law enforcement and investigative specialists. We adapted the delivery of essential training for the law enforcement community to ensure it was suitable for virtual delivery and to date have trained over 2500 delegates through this medium during the lockdown.


Blue Lights Digital recognises that to meet the everchanging face of digital and cybercrime, specialists and support resources need to be accessible immediately and these specialists need to continually craft their skills in line with new policies, operating procedures and systems ensuring they meet their organisations needs as well as international standards. Blue Lights Digital provides relevant and current digital investigation and intelligence training across law enforcement, including the Metropolitan Police and National Crime Agency. Our courses enable participants to gain and maintain knowledge and skills around legislation, emerging techniques, technology, products and tactics ensuring they are equipped to fully and lawfully exploit digital opportunities in support of investigations and intelligence gathering operations. Due to our expertise within the digital investigation and intelligence arenas, we were selected to be the learning partner for the Home Office National Law Enforcement Data Programme and the International Communication Data and Digital Forensics Programme.

We also provide investigative support and training. We have provided UK police forces, including Counter-Terrorism, Homicide and Professional Standards with technical investigative services during periods of high demand, assisting with sensitive case files discreetly. We reviewed the requested work with our clients to identify the priorities, timescales and practicalities, providing expert advice and additional options to meet time and budget constraints.


Blue Lights Digital is passionate about the work they do and the clients they work with. We strive to make a difference to the law enforcement, military and investigative communities we serve, working closely with a range of international partners to bring the best in digital forensic technology to the communities. In line with ICO guidance regarding digital evidence collection, we provide tools that enable investigators to “travel within space and time” to the specific data required, providing the ability to examine data from a single scene, enabling investigators to pin-point data extracts, reduce extraction time and critically prevents victims experiencing that “digital strip search”.


If you are looking for an innovative, bespoke solution to your issue, Blue Lights Digital is the team for you!

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ODYSSEY is a focused digital acquisition capability for on scene deployment and real time mobile device examination. Investigators and digital forensic specialists managing RASSO investigations and other cases where data is required on scene from a compliant victim/witness device, ODYSSEY allows for date and application specific data to be obtained, while ensuring victims and witnesses private lives remain private.


Benefits of ODYSSEY include:

  • Victims and witnesses not being without their device, they maintain control
  • Only relevant data is downloaded, reducing data volumes for disclosure and storage
  • Less devices are submitted into a digital forensic unit
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BLD is an Authorised Partner of ADF Solutions. All ADF products are built on the same intelligent forensic search engine and are designed with rapid scan capabilities. ADF tools focus on automation and ease of use for deployment to both field investigators and lab examiners. The focus is collecting forensic artefacts fast, which is why ADF has been both a pioneer and leader in forensic triage and automated investigations for 15+ years.

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. But criminals also exploit it to communicate, organize and commit crimes. Reliance on technology leaves behind “digital footprints” and a mountain of data that can contain incriminating evidence.

As a partner of Cellebrite, BLD provides the tools, training, and support to implement an end-to-end Digital Intelligence strategy. Investigators can now access, manage and analyse forensically sound digital evidence, and effectively break down the silos across departments to close more cases.


Cryptocurrency gives criminals new ways to evade detection. Our partner, Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis company, provides compliance and investigation software to the world’s leading banks, businesses, and governments. Their software helps investigators identify and stop bad actors who use cryptocurrencies for illicit activity such as money laundering, terrorist financing, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and more. As experts in financial crime and economic analysis, they empower customers to derive insights they can act on. Subscribe to the Chainalysis newsletter to find data-driven content on cryptocurrency markets, regulation, and developments.


BLD is the Global Distribution, Advanced Services and Training partner of GMDSOFT, a research group that leads the world in the field of mobile and digital forensics.  The mobile and digital forensics solution, MD-SERIES, is a complete mobile and digital forensic product line for data extraction and analysis with integrated cutting-edge mobile forensic technology, supporting any type of mobile device, and has been provided to hundreds of global investigative agencies since 2005.



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Join the Blue Lights Digital Team!

Join Our Team in 2023

We are hiring now!


As part of our continued growth, we are looking for a number of highly motivated individuals to join Blue Lights Digital at an exciting and pivotal point in our company development.

We want you if…


  • you are keen to apply your skills to protecting the vulnerable, reducing crime and prosecuting criminals.
  • you are an innovative thinker, proactive in providing answers when others would be asking questions.
  • you have a deep sense of responsibility for your role, your team and your customers.
  • you are highly motivated by our company mission and committed to delivering the vision.

Current vacancies


  • Technical Customer Service Advisor

Technical Customer Service AdvisorWe are seeking a new Technical Customer Service Advisor. Successful applicants will work alongside existing staff and play a vital role in supporting our clients and staff via live chat, email and telephone.

This role is ideally suited for an individual seeking to start a career within the digital investigation space. It would suit someone with some technical IT knowledge and/or experience in customer service. You will provide 1st and 2nd line IT support in accordance with best practice to ensure accurate recording of all reported incidents, changes and service requests that affect IT infrastructure and networks, resulting in timely resolutions within specified service level agreements.


  • Digital Trainer – UK and International

Digital TrainerExpressions of interest are sought from dynamic individuals with an infectious enthusiasm around all things digital. The role will require you to deliver existing training content and build and create new content. Knowledge around core Policing (Civil or Military) is essential, with a strong foundation across all the digital investigative disciplines. We are seeking the practitioner/trainer who can support our investigative services when not delivering training. A willingness to travel both nationally and internationally is also essential. Previous training experience is preferred but not essential. The successful candidate will be a home worker with all required technologies provided. If you want to be part of an expanding team and If you think we are the right fit for you, reach out for more details and register your interest.


  • Digital Forensics Trainer – UK and International

laptop digital softwareAre you passionate about digital Investigation? We are looking for that digital forensics practitioner who wants to offer more. The successful candidate will take a lead on delivering all existing aspects of our digital forensics training portfolio along with the requirement to expand our offerings in line with national and international programmes off work. We are seeking the practitioner/trainer who can support our investigative services when not delivering training. Are you that individual who wants to position themselves at the bleeding edge of technology and digital forensic delivery?

We pride ourselves in building innovative tools to the market place driving innovation. A willingness to travel both nationally and internationally is also essential as our clients are global. The successful candidate will be a home worker with all required technologies provided. If you want to be part of an expanding team and if you think we are the right fit for you, reach out for more details and register your interest.


  • Digital Capacity Consultant – UK and International

Digital Capacity GrowthExpressions of interest are sought from enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about digital maturity and digital capacity building. We are looking for that Digital Capacity Consultant that knows all aspects of Digital technology, skills and competences. As a professional services consultant, you will be able to consult on digital adoption, transformation, and implementation mapping services and products to meet the needs of the organisation. With that big-picture perspective you will be able to identify gaps, build a gap closure strategy and remove risk. As capable project & programme manager with oversight of critical components of any new digital adoption processes, you will need to work with in-house staff, partners and other companies to help design project roadmaps, establish KPIs, set goals, create strategies, and more.

This is a key role in our company, scaling LEA digital technical capabilities including the adoption of our software platforms, improving target cloud infrastructure, and choosing the right technology solutions for the client. Training is a core component of digital adoption and transformation processes. You will be expected to assist with training solutions, helping organisations design their own learning programs. Change management has also become critical in today’s digital enterprise. Ideally, you will be able to assess risk, predict project & programme outcomes, and design effective digital change strategies. If you want to be part of an expanding team and if you think we are the right fit for you, reach out for more details and register your interest.

Nothing for you?


If you are passionate about the work our organisation does and believe you have a set of skills and a work ethic that would be of benefit to our team then we want to hear from you!

Examples of skills that we are always on the lookout for are:

  • designers and developers with a focus on learning technologies and data visualisation,
  • immersive content designers and digital learning specialists,
  • project personnel including project managers and business analysts,
  • classroom-based trainers with a digital or cybercrime specialism

If you want to be part of our team then we encourage you to send your CV to us at careers@bluelightsdigital.com and one of our management team will be in touch to explore how you could become the next part of our journey.


Drop us a line or give us a call. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.


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