Cryptocurrency gives criminals new ways to evade detection. Our partner, Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis company, provides compliance and investigation software to the world’s leading banks, businesses, and governments. Their software helps investigators identify and stop bad actors who use cryptocurrencies for illicit activity such as money laundering, terrorist financing, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and more. As experts in financial crime and economic analysis, they empower customers to derive insights they can act on. Subscribe to the Chainalysis newsletter to find data-driven content on cryptocurrency markets, regulation, and developments.

Search based on any Identifier

Enter any cryptocurrency address to learn which entity controls the wallet and discover related addresses. Search automatically scans thousands of social media forums and darknet sites for open source intelligence.

Chainalysis - OSINT opportunities

Follow the Money

Chainalysis Reactor’s intuitive interface allows users with minimal training to create powerful visualizations of cryptocurrency flows. Trace the flow of funds through an unlimited number of “hops” and link suspicious activity to real-world entities.

Chainalysis - follow the money

Connecting the Dots

As an authorised reseller of Chainalysis products, we can provide UK, EU and USA certified training programs designed to help governments around the world identify and stop bad actors who are using cryptocurrencies for illicit activity such as ransomware, darknet markets, scams, money laundering, and more.

Chainalysis - connecting the dots