A New Era of Mobile Forensics

With DATAPILOT 10, you can instantly acquire data to review on-scene, examine back in the lab, or store for litigation hold requests.

Get Mobile
Device Data,
in the Field

Collect Data Fast

Collect mobile device data from suspects, victims, witnesses or for litigation hold requests—without sending their device to the lab

View Results On-Scene

Review only the data you need, right on-scene, so you can make informed decisions quickly, without delay

Take Action

Get data, take immediate action, saving more lives, protecting people & property, and no more waiting on lab results when they are not needed

Datapilot products


Fast and Complete Acquisitions: Contacts, Call History, Messages, Images, Calendar, Files, App Data, Deleted Data, and more

Linked Screen Capture

Mirror evidence directly from the target device in real-time. Android offers auto-scroll and auto-capture capability

Optical Capture

Use with any device, on-board built-in cameras allow the collection of evidence with OCR and search capability

Benefits of

• Rugged & Portable
• No Training Necessary
• 256 GB Expandable Hard Drive
• 64 bit Windows IoT
• Powers Target Devices

• Works with Other Forensics Tools
• Search & Reporting Features
• Export data to .csv, .xml, PDF and SQL
• Works on Apple & Android Devices
• Customizable for Agency Specs